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Our Vision

Building a better tomorrow, starting today

Our Mission
Promote public welfare and safety, improve aesthetics and advance urban 
design, enhance the business community, and preserve neighborhoods by providing quality service that is knowledgeable, efficient, comprehensive, and helpful.

Development coordinates the approval processes for building
planning and zoning, and redevelopment activities in the city. The department ensures that existing properties and newly constructed buildings meet all applicable codes and regulations. It also provides long-range comprehensive planning services and short-range zoning information. 

“Early and Often” – If you are thinking of bringing a new development 
project to New Port Richey, the Development Department strongly encourages you to meet with us “Early and Often,” preferably before any 
project design work has begun. Whether you are the developer, land planner, 
or the property owner, Development will arrange a meeting with members of various City departments to discuss your potential project and conceptual site plan early 
in the design process.

Pre-application assistance allows for early feedback on how conceptual site 
plans relate to the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations, and 
identification of potential issues, such as the availability of utilities, street connections and other infrastructure, and additional information that may 
relate to a proposal.

Working with your design team allows the City to guide you toward a 
successful application that best represents the vision of the New Port Richey, 
and helps ensure for a smoother approval process.  The Development Department is also available to provide information to residents, landowners, developers and real estate professionals on zoning requirements applicable to 
their properties.

Property Jurisdiction: 

Before contacting the Development Department, check the Pasco County Property Appraiser’s website to ensure that the property you are  inquiring about is located in the City of New Port Richey’s jurisdiction.  Not all properties within New Port Richey zip codes are located in the City limits.


Hot Topics

Information on mold is available on under building division page.

New Parking Regulations in Effect in May, 2016
The New Port Richey City Council has adopted new residential parking 
regulations that prohibit parking on grass in front or side yards.  The new regulations do not affect parking in back yards and do not apply to RVs, watercraft, or trailers.   

The new parking regulations will be enforced beginning May 18, 2016.  Only residents within the City limits are affected.  Two-week temporary parking permits will be available free of charge, twice per year per residence.   You
may qualify for a grant to construct a new driveway or repair an existing driveway.   For more information, contact, Chris Mettler, Senior Planner at 
727-853-1044 or via email at 

The regulations are available here.

Frequently asked questions about the regulations are available here.

New Department 
Check out what we do in the Development Department!  Be sure to turn on
your speakers.

________________________________________________  ___

Home Improvement Reimbursement Grants are now available!  
Read more under the Housing Grants web page.



Zoning Information Available through Development Department
The Development Department is your source for information about zoning on
all parcels within the City limits.  Please call us at 727-853-1042 for assistance. 

Do not use the zoning information contained on the Pasco County Property Appraiser website


We are Hungry for Your Feedback
Tell us what you think about our service by completing the 2016 comment card and emailing it to .  We're constantly working to evolve our customer service experience.  Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey to help us provide a greater level of service.   

Thanks for your thoughts!

Fold Your Plans Like a Pro!
Why does the Development Department ask that you fold your development plans this way? A properly folded plan 1) makes the title block visible without having to open the entire sheet, 2) is easier to open and close, and 3) fits in standard size file folder.

Contact Us
Lisa L. Fierce
Ph: (727) 853-1038

Tina Anfuso
Sr. Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Ph: (727) 853-1016

Location & Office Hours
5919 Main St.
New Port Richey, FL 34652 
Fx: (727) 853-1052 

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Building Division:

Building Permit Information:
Ph: (727) 853-1047

Inspection Request Line:
Ph: (727) 853-1048
Call the day before the
requested inspection

- Provide:
 * company phone number,
 * job site address,
 * type of inspection needed, 
 * permit number (starts with year)

Inspections will be performed between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm; 
we cannot guarantee the time the inspector will be at the property, 
but we
will do our best to accommodate!

- Check the status of your permit here

Jim Evetts
Building Official
Ph: (727) 853-1045

Bradley Weick
Building Inspector
Ph: (727) 853-1046

Open Position
Residential Rental Inspector
Ph: (727) 853-1041

Tammy Ledford
Development Technician (building permit
Ph: (727) 853-1047

Planning Division:

Zoning Information
Ph: (727) 853-1042

Gus Karpas

Senior Planner
Ph: (727) 853-1042

Chris Mettler
Senior Planner
Ph: (727) 853-1044

Melanie Tyler
Development Technician (general inquiries,
pre-application meetings, etc.)
Ph: (727) 853-1039

Redevelopment Division:

Erica Lindquist
Housing Rehabilitation Grant Specialist 
Ph: (727) 853-1050